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What is a helical pier / helical pile / screw pile?

A helical pier is a steel shaft with round helix plates that provides a foundation support for various types of structures. They are hydraulically rotated into the ground to bear on rock or a solid soil stratum.

Helical piers can be put under both rebar and post tension slabs.

why helical piers over drilled concrete piers?

Faster and safer installation, can be installed year round, minimal disturbance during installation, and doesn’t produce spoils.

How much do helical piers cost?

The price for helical piers is dependent on the type of piers that need to be used and the depth of each helical pier.

Helical piers are often not only the most reliable but also the most affordable option.

what type of applications can use helical piers?

Commercial, industrial, oil & gas, residential, bridges, retaining walls, decks, pools, and more.

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